Universal Flip Phone Case

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This popular universal phone pouch is our best selling model - inexpensive, stylish and well made. Fits numerous models of clamshell, or 'flip phones' including the LG VX8300, LG 125, LG 225, and numerous other phones: Ampd Mobile Angel, Hollywood, Jet, Audiovox 8910, Audiovox 8912, SYNC a707, Firefly, Kyocera Candid KX 16, LG 1200, LG 5225, LG AX355, LG AX390, LG AX490, LG AX5000, LG C1500, LG C2000, LG CG225, LG CG300, LG CU320, LG L1400, LG L1400i, LG LX150, LG LX350, LG Migo, LG PM-225, LG VI-125, LG VI-5225, LG VX3200, LG VX3400, LG VX3450, LG VX3450L, LG VX5200, LG INpulse VX5200, LG VX8300, C290, V195, V220, V235, V262, V276, V276, V300, V360, V365, V400g, V551, V557, V600, V60gi, V60p, V60s, V60v, V60x, V65P, Motorola W315, Nokia 6101, 6102, 6102i, 6103, 6133, 6165i, 6215, 6215i, Pantech C3, C300, PN-218; Samsung A560, A580, A640, A650, A660, A670, A850, A870, A900M, A930, A990, C417, D307, D357, E317, E335, E635, M500, MM-A880, MM-A900, MM-A920, P107, P207, PM-A740, PM-A840, T209, T309, T609, T629, T719, VI-A820, VI660, X495, X497, ZX10; Sanyo 8300, 8400, MM-7500, MM-8300, SCP-200, SCP-2400, SCP-3100, VI-2300; Sony-Ericsson Z300, Z520a, Z525a; Virgin Mobile Oystr, Slider Sonic, Snapper, Vox 8610. Newly added compatible phones include: Samsung Convoy, Verizon LG Revere, Pantech Breeze, Pantech Breeze 3, Samsung Rugby 4, ZTE Z222, LG 440g and Doro PhoneEasy® 618. (phone pictured is not included)

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