Ditto Wearable Technology for Smartphones - Black

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Ditto is the anti-gadget. In a world full of smart-phones, tablets, e-readers, smart-watches, Ditto will simplify your life! Connect your device with Bluetooth and clip it, wear it, or just keep it in your pocket. This discreet little device will alert you to calls, texts, emails, alarms, calendar updates; it will even warn you before you lose your phone! Stay more engaged in the REAL-WORLD and use Ditto so you're only interrupted by the people you WANT to interrupt you! Ignore the after-hours office emails while you're at the gym and forget about checking your phone every 5 minutes to make sure you didn't miss a call from home. Use the mobile app to set your preferences, and then rest at ease knowing you can finish that work out without missing any important calls/texts. No buttons, no cables, no hassles! The battery lasts 3-6 months and is easily replaceable. Ditto will do what it does best, and notify you when your CR1632 battery needs replaced. Attention: You must purchase a NEW DITTO FROM AN AUTHORIZED SELLER in order to receive the benefit of the manufacturer’s product warranty. Dittos purchased from any other reseller of Ditto, even if “Fulfilled by Amazon” or shipped via “Amazon Prime,” do not qualify. Current authorized sellers in the Amazon Marketplace include: (direct), E-Bags and Liberty.

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